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Cyber365, the company that governments (United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, Fiji, Samoa etc.) use to assess, implement and train cybersecurity at all levels. 

Cyber365 now offers businesses and organisations a range of services from risk management assessment to the delivery of knowledge-based training, which will ultimately ensure operational resilience across your organisation.

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Risk Assessments

A Cyber365 risk assessment is the first step for an organisation to develop or mature its cyber security strategy.

Note from our Managing Director

"My mission is to improve cybersecurity for businesses and organisations in the Pacific Region. Determination to achieve this mission led to Cyber365, which launched in 2018 with my team. Why come to us? We only use qualified, experienced and motivated people with a passion for cybersecurity. We also help you find cost-effective solutions by giving you strategies that work."

Chris Ward MSc, CISSP, MBCS Research Fellow VUW

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Cyber Training & Education

Cyber365 provide professional cyber training for Enterprise and Government sectors

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