Creating a Cyber Security Incident Response Team

Create your Cyber Team 

This non-technical course is designed for Senior and general managers, HR, Finance, Legal, Comms, Risk staff, and project leaders who require a high-level understanding of Cyber Security and their roles and responsibilities to protect the organisation's information. This course provides a high-level overview of the critical issues and decisions you must address to establish a solid and effective team. As part of the course, your staff will develop an action plan that can be used as a starting point in planning and implementing your Cyber Team. They will know what resources and infrastructure are needed to support a team. Additionally, attendees will identify policies and procedures that should be established and implemented when creating a proactive capability and how it alines with business strategy while maintaining a resilient business.

NOTE: This course accrues points towards a Masters in Cyber Security from the Software Engineers Institute


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Who should do this course?

  • Current and prospective managers; C-level management such as CEO, CE, CIOs, CSOs, CROs, CTO; and project leaders interested in establishing an effective Cyber Team.

  • Other staff who interact with Cyber/IT staff would like to understand how the team operates. For example, constituents; higher-level management; media relations, legal counsel, law enforcement, human resources, audit, or risk management staff.


  • Incident management and the relationship to CSIRTs

  • Prerequisites to planning a CSIRT

  • Creating a CSIRT vision

  • CSIRT mission, objectives, and level of authority

  • CSIRT organisational issues and models

  • Range and levels of provided services

  • Funding issues

  • Hiring and training initial CSIRT staff

  • Implementing CSIRT policies and procedures

  • Requirements for a CSIRT infrastructure

  • Implementation and operational issues and strategies

  • Collaboration and communication issues

What your staff will learn?

Your staff will learn to:

  • Understand the requirements for establishing an effective Cyber Team (CSIRT)

  • Strategically plan the development and implementation of a new Cyber Team. 

  • Highlight issues associated with assembling a responsive, effective team of computer security professionals

  • Identify policies and procedures that should be established and implemented.

  • Understand various organisational models for a new Cyber Team

  • Understand the variety and level of services that a Cyber Team can provide